STARLINK 3G Network Retirement


Since our launch in 2015, Subaru STARLINK Safety & Security has utilized a 3G cellular network for voice and data transmission. Beginning in February of 2022, the current network provider is electing to retire their 3G network to make room for newer technology. This will impact 2016-2018 vehicles equipped with STARLINK Generation 1 Safety & Security. 
This is happening industry-wide and affecting every automaker with vehicle telematics. Our team has carefully studied how others are handling this situation, and strongly believe we have developed the best support program in the industry! 

Subaru of America, Inc. will be offering a complimentary system update to all active subscribers that are impacted by the 3G network retirement. The update will allow their Data Communication Module (DCM) to utilize LTE technology so that customers can maintain their service, including Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Remote Features such as locking and unlocking their doors. If the STARLINK system/DCM is not updated, the customer's current STARLINK subscription will be cancelled upon the retirement of the 3G network in February of 2022 and the customer will receive a prorated refund of their subscription fee, if applicable. 

Active Subscribers will receive an email on March 18, 2021 - letting them know about the 3G Network Retirement, and that they are eligible for a complimentary update through their Subaru Retailer. The same day, they will also see a notification in their MySubaru app. All communications will direct customers to schedule service at their preferred retailer. Only active subscribers will receive the update at no charge to them. Those who are not subscribed will not receive the email.