At Wilsonville Subaru, it's our ongoing mission to make your vehicle shopping experience smooth and painless. It all started with our One Person, One Price, No Bull philosophy; but we're not stopping there. We also want to ensure that all Subaru lease customers are completely satisfied when they return their leased vehicles. That's why we're thrilled to announce that we are now your Subaru Lease Return Center for the Pacific Northwest!

Your Options

For many of you, your lease is coming to end, and that means it's time to start thinking about what to do with your current vehicle. When you reach the end of your lease, you have four primary options: You can simply turn in the vehicle, you can sell the vehicle yourself, you can buy the vehicle for its residual value (the pre-established value of a vehicle at the end of a lease), or you can look for a different vehicle to lease or purchase. No matter which option you choose, we're here to ensure the process is seamless.

If you're currently leasing a Subaru, you're already in a great spot. Subaru is one of the most reliable automakers on the planet and has received outstanding recognition for its 2016 lineup, including awards from Kelley Blue Book for Best Resale Value and Best Overall Brand. Subaru also received ALG's 2017 award for Best Brand for Residual Value. Why is this so important to your lease return? While it's not always the case, Subaru vehicles are often worth more than their predicted residual value.

Ending Your Lease Early

This is good news for those who want to end a lease early. If you're ready to move on from your lease but your lease term isn't over, we may be interested in purchasing the vehicle. And if your vehicle's current value is greater than its residual value, you may be able to turn in your car and receive leftover equity, which can be put towards a new vehicle. This means you can potentially end your lease early and lower your payments on a new lease or purchase.

It's also possible to end a lease early even if your vehicle's current value doesn't exceed its residual value. There are many instances in which your remaining payments can be rolled into a new lease or purchase, allowing you to turn in your lease early if you're no longer interested in your current vehicle.

Why Return Your Lease at Wilsonville Subaru?

At Wilsonville Subaru, you can benefit from a variety of incentives when returning your leased vehicle. For example, Subaru will cover your first payment on a new lease if you've leased a Subaru vehicle in the past. And if you want to know the value of your leased vehicle, bring it in and we'll appraise it free of charge.

We can accept a Subaru lease return regardless of which dealership you originally found the vehicle. So if you're interested in turning in a lease, go ahead and schedule an appointment at Wilsonville Subaru. Check out our Lease End Guide or take a crash course in Leasing 101 to learn more.   

Have a Question About Returning Your Lease?